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About Us

Welcome to the transportEG!
transportEG is online dynamic portal dedicated to all who seek and provide transportation services. Now you are entering in to a flexible, rapid and robust system to benefit your business by leverage each other's efficiencies without boundaries.
  1. transportEG for service seekers : Through transportEG now service seekers can get access to wider network of service providers to evaluate right service providers for their services in a competitive environment, all this can happen in just a click away, finding service providers to deciding the right service levels and commercials to your services and selecting the right service provider is never been so easy.
  2. transportEG for service Providers : transportEG liberates the service providers from the biggest obstacle of approach to customers. Through TransportEG now service providers can get access to wider network of service seekers who are looking similar services which you provide, no more hassles of getting business, finding service seekers and getting the business is never been so easy it's just a click away.

Our Mission
TransportEG Mission is to make transportation easy for both service providers "For Business" and service seekers "For better services" by eliminating boundaries and improving overall transportation efficiencies.
transportEG is committed to execute its mission by providing leading online platform for all clients to get their desired transportation services and to do more transportation business without any boundaries. transportEG provides latest technology & insights with a transparent, rapid and robust system to leverage each other's needs to get desired transportation services and to do more business in the eco system.

Our Vision
We aim to build present and futuristic transportation infrastructure which will provide transportation services and more business to clients in our ecosystem. We envisage all our stakeholders meet and mutually benefit at transportEG for at least next century.

Our Role
TransportEG is a platform wherein all service seekers, service providers will connect for a serious business dealings and there is no role of TransportEG being an party to your business dealings in any manner nor will witness your business and thereby the business discussion is personal to parties dealing and TransportEG only act as a facilitator between two users.

Our Purpose
1. We want to improve transportation industry efficiency without affecting the eco system.
2. We want to simplify transportation Business & Services for our customers in the ecosystem.
3. Continuously deliver better dividends to all stakeholders.
4. We want to make positive contribution to the society.
5. We always demonstrate respect while achieving our goals.
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